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Lenses and Frame
Lenses & Frames
The team here at Eye & Vision Care understands that selecting your eyeglass frames and lenses is a big decision....
Comprehensive Vision Examinations
Comprehensive Eye Exams
Soft Contacts
At Eye & Vision Care, many of the patients we see prefer contacts for their vision correction needs....
Specialty Lenses
Specialty Contact Lenses
The optometrists at Eye & Vision Care understand that your eyes are as unique as you are....
Vision Correction
Laser Vision Correction
At Eye & Vision Care, we take pride in being able to treat every patient that walks through our door....
Orthokeratology (also called Ortho-k) is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that eliminates the need for daytime contacts or glasses....
Eye Diseases
Eye Diseases
Eye diseases can be debilitating and painful, affecting your quality of life down to the smallest task....
Vision Correction
Eye Conditions & Vision Problems
There are many kinds of eye conditions and vision impairments, and the eye doctors at Eye & Vision Care can treat virtually all of them....
Have been coming here for years, my children come here. Very satisfied with service! Love Dr. Kruppa. It could be cheaper..., but then so could everything in this area! [more...]
Catherine Suddarth
Staff is outgoing and helpful at finding your dream pair of glasses. Will be back! [more...]
Duncan Walter
Dr. Kapoor is very friendly. She is my favorite eye doctor. I really liked her and her staff, especially, Tony. Tony is very knowledgeable and is very helpful in helping my wife and I finding fra [more...]
Divon Le
Very professional and friendly. [more...]
Mike Farasey
Friendly environment...Dr. Kapoor has a lovely and reassuring demeanor; she’s very knowledgeable and competent as well. Requiring prescription glasses gave my child a bit of anxiety, but Dr. Ka [more...]
A.Victoria N.

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